The Bionics Institute attracts the very best talent from around the globe. We have 150 researchers, engineers, technicians, students and collaborating clinicians working closely together to pioneer new technologies to address the unmet needs of patients living with hearing loss, movement disorders, neurological conditions and inflammatory bowel disease. 

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Why work with us? 

We will let our staff speak for themselves about why they enjoy working at the Bionics Institute:

“I enjoy the applied nature of research at the Bionics Institute. I enjoy having a problem to solve and I love that there is a real chance of a discovery that is game-changing for science and for people with neurological disorders.”
A/Prof Rachael Richardson, Senior Research Fellow

“I enjoy working at the Bionics Institute because of the atmosphere; smart people doing amazing things, highly respectful of their co-workers and passionate about improving the health of patients with chronic health conditions.”
Dr Erol Harvey, Head of Development and Research Translation

“I never thought my research could improve the lives of patients, but here at the Bionics Institute that is now my reality”
Dr Sophie Payne, Research Fellow

If you would like more information about working at the Bionics Institute please contact:

Heather Dawson-Howard
HR Manager
(03) 9667 7574
[email protected]