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Workplace Giving

Find out how you can support medical device research at the Bionics Institute

Workplace Giving is a simple and low cost way for employees and employers to come together and help secure the financial security of the Bionics Institute so that we can develop the treatments your friends and family urgently need.


Workplace Giving enables you to make regular gifts from your pre-tax income. It is a simple and effective way of helping us speed up our research and improve the quality of life for people living with debilitating conditions whilst ensuring you get the tax benefits you are entitled to.

Giving regularly from your pre-tax income means you receive the tax benefit timmediately rather than waiting until the end of the tax year, whilst the Bionics Institute will receive the full amount of your donation every time.

There is no need to organise receipts at the end of June or risk of missing out on claims through lost paperwork.

By knowing that we have a regular income stream, we can look to the future and ensure that our research has the greatest impact.

Setting up your regular gift is simple.

  1. Check with your employer if they offer workplace giving (also known as ‘Pre-Tax Payroll Giving’). This could be an internal registration process or through online platforms such as Good2Give or Benevity.
  2. Choose the Bionics Institute as the recipient of your caring donations and select the amount you would like to donate each time. To help choose your donation amount The Good2Give Workplace Giving Tax Calculator will devise how much you can save on tax each year.
  3. Your payroll department will complete the setup. Don’t forget to ask if your employer will match your contribution. Many employers choose to support their staff by dollar matching donations, increasing your combined impact.

To get started, speak to your payroll staff about the options. If your employer doesn’t currently have a Workplace Giving program, you can encourage them to start one or you can make tax deductible monthly donations by becoming a regular giver. Or simply send us the contact details of your company’s payroll administrator and we can help get them set up!

Every amount, no matter how small, adds up to create a lasting impact.

Our Donors

Our Donors