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Girls in STEM Terms and Conditions



1. All mentor forms to be completed by 8 May and all school forms to be completed by 10 May.

2. All mentors to provide a Working With Children’s Check (WWCC) to the Bionics Institute marketing team before 17 May.

3. All schools to supply Bionics Institute Media Consent Forms, signed by parents and saved as a PDF for all students involved in the program before 17 May.

4. Students and mentors to commit to 5 online mentoring sessions that will take place once per month between May and October for approximately 20-30 minutes each.

5. Mentors and students to prepare and have an understanding of each mentoring session as per the guidelines: Girls in STEM 2024 Mentoring Session Guidelines

6. Students to provide 4 summaries of online research undertaken following instructions provided by their mentor, for discussion in the online mentoring sessions, and use the information to prepare a final PowerPoint presentation.

7. School staff coordinators commit to setting up a presentation event for students to deliver a 5 minute PowerPoint presentation on their learnings from the program in pairs at an assembly or in class.

8. Schools to invite mentors to attend the presentation event online or in person, if possible.

9. All students should show respect and independence by letting mentors know in a timely manner if meetings can’t be attended or need to be postponed.

If any there are concerns regarding these terms and conditions, please contact Bree Smith at [email protected]