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Join Australia’s national goalkeeper and support our Giving Day on 5 March.

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Mackenzie knows what it’s like to live with hearing loss

She didn’t want to believe she needed hearing aids, but looking back she wishes that she got her hearing checked earlier.

“Its changed my life for the better, you know, socially as well. I feel more comfortable in social settings”

Mackenzie has decided to join us in support of the innovative hearing research being done at the Bionics Institute. She hopes to encourage those with hearing impairment, especially young people, and to reduce the stigma surrounding hearing loss.

Mackenzie shares her hearing loss journey

Why support our hearing research?

Hearing loss can be a result of a range of conditions and diseases that affects about 1.5 billion people worldwide. It can give rise to stigma, limited employment options, distress over communication issues, lower social and emotional wellbeing, and problems with speech, cognition and auditory processing.

The Bionics Institute was founded to develop the cochlear implant, a treatment for profound hearing impairment and has an excellent reputation for a wide range of hearing research.

Your gift will help our researchers develop diagnostic tools and revolutionary treatments for infants, adults and the older generation facing the challenge of hearing impairment.

If you or someone you love suffers with hearing impairment, wouldn’t you want to give them the gift of hearing?

Help fund pioneering research

Early-stage research for life-changing devices & treatments like this is made possible by donations from our supporters.

Your support today could turn the seed of an idea into a new treatment in the future.

Give the gift of hearing today.