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Your gift today will help progress our hearing research to enable people to hear, speak and engage in society.

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Hearing impairment is more than losing hearing

“Babies born with impaired hearing are at risk of falling behind in learning, emotional and social skills during school years, which affects their entire life if not treated early in life.

People who lose hearing as an adult may not be able to work, become isolated and miss out things others take for granted.

Deafness later in life is associated with the cognitive decline seen in dementia.

The financial costs of hearing impairment and associated effects on wellbeing in Australia were estimated at $33.3 billion in 2017 by the Hearing Care Industry Association.”

Bringing hope to people with hearing impairment

Help fund pioneering research

Hearing impairment is a term used for a very broad range of conditions and diseases that affects about 300 million adults worldwide. It can give rise to stigma, limited employment options, distress over communication issues, lower social and emotional wellbeing, and problems with speech, cognition and auditory processing.

The Bionics Institute was founded to develop the cochlear implant, a treatment for profound hearing impairment and has an excellent reputation for a wide range of hearing research.

Your gift will help our researchers develop diagnostic tools and revolutionary treatments for infants, adults and the older generation facing the challenge of hearing impairment.

If you or someone you love suffers with hearing impairment, wouldn’t you want to give them the gift of hearing?

Help us fast-track our research into hearing impairment

If the our research is successful, you’ll help millions of people around the world to hear and participate fully in society.

Fast-tracking development of the range of treatments and diagnostic tools will also save billions in health care costs.

Any improvement in hearing makes a huge difference – ask anyone who can’t hear well!

Thank you for your compassion and supporting the development of this treatment to find hearing loss solutions – your kindness means so much to patients and their families.

About this research

Our researchers are developing hearing impairment solutions for everyone from the tiniest babies to the oldest members of society.

Our hearing test for babies, called EarGenie®, is now in clinical trials to accurately measure hearing so the best treatment can be provided as early as possible to enable hearing and the development of speech.

Our nanotechnology treatment shows great promise in the quest to restore sensorineural hearing loss.

And, we continue to research ways to improve the cochlear implant. Read more about the research.

Help fund pioneering research

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Early-stage research for life-changing devices & treatments like this is made possible by donations from our supporters.

Your support today could turn the seed of an idea into a new treatment in the future.

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