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Media Coverage

For all media enquiries, please contact Breanna Smith, Marketing and Communications Manager:

T: (03) 9667 7570

E: [email protected]


Einstein a Go Go with Dr Shane

Triple R Radio

Calls for Greater Awareness Around Tinnitus Hearing Condition

SBS Radio (podcast)

Bionics Institute Couch 2 Your KM Challenge

The Happy Hour Show with John Cotterell – Southern FM 88.3


How mind-controlled bionic arms fuse to the body


Cochlear implants: past, present, future

Materials Australia

Melbourne Crohn’s breakthrough surgery offers hope for ‘drug-free’ life

The Herald Sun

Channel 7 News

Hospital and Healthcare

Baby brainwaves map sound of progress

The Age

Sydney Morning Herald

Revolutionising prosthetics: Groundbreaking achievement as bionic hand merges with user’s nervous and skeletal systems, remaining functional after years of daily use



Yahoo News

The Independent

New York Post


From science fiction to reality: New bionic limb research redefines possibilities for people with amputations

Channel 7 News

The West Australian

Yahoo News

Hunter Valley News

Science Daily


Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device

Scientific American

Scholarship for life sciences students promotes innovation


International Rotary Convention, Melbourne

3AW Radio – Weekend Breakfast with Darren James

Victorian Government to accelerate Bionics Institute’s new hearing test for babies, EarGenie, to commercialisation

Channel 9 News

Supercharging Australian med tech innovation

Ticker News

Top female scientists changing the world

Daily Telegraph 20 March 2023

Vagus nerve stimulation device alleviates collagen-induced arthritis in pre-clinical model

ABC Melbourne – Mornings with Virginia Trioli 29 November 2022

Treatment for depression key to fighting memory loss in Alzheimer’s

Herald Sun 3 November 2022

3AW with Ross and Russel 3 November 2022

Channel 7 Sunrise 3 November 2022

Channel 7 News 3 November 2022

Channel 10 News 3 November 2022

ABC TV News 3 November 2022

Qantas Magazine article on founding of Neo-Bionica by Bionics Institute CEO

Qantas magazine – September edition

Bionics Institute 2022 Graeme Clark Oration

Herald Sun VWeekend Magazine 9 July 2022

ABC Mornings with Virginia Trioli 11 July 2022 Starts at 2:05:25

ABC Drive 11 July 2022

Ground-breaking tinnitus test paves the way for new treatments

Channel 7 News 19 May 2022

The Hippocratic Post 5 May 2022

Breakthrough arthritis treatments will be available in five years

Daily Telegraph and Adelaide Advertiser 12 March 2022 – see page 3

Herald Sun 12 March 2022

Melbourne invention brings new hope for rheumatoid arthritis

Channel 9 News 11 November 2021

Herald Sun 9 November 2021

The ABC 9 November 2021

Type 2 diabetes medical device at Neo-Bionica opening

Channel 9 News 28 September 2021

Revolutionary new hearing test EarGenie

Channel 7 News 6 June 2021

Medical treatments set to be fast-tracked by launch of Australian-first facility – Neo-Bionica

Herald Sun 6 May 2021

BioWorld 14 May 2021