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Participate in infant hearing research

Are you a Paediatric Audiologist who would like to be a part of our clinical trial?

Our project aims to find out if the results provided by our new EarGenie® fNIRS hearing test help audiologists when making decisions at various key points along an infant’s hearing care pathway.

We have developed a new, child-friendly hearing test called EarGenie® that uses light waves to measure hearing.

Who can take part?

Qualified audiologists who have at least 1 year of experience in paediatric diagnostic, hearing aid or cochlear implant audiology service provision in Australia are eligible to participate.

What is fNIRS?

fNIRS is a baby-friendly technology that uses near-infrared light to image the response of a brain to stimuli such as speech sounds.

Learn more about fNIRS in our free online learning module tailored for audiologists.

What does our study involve?

We are conducting a clinical trial where we recruit infants who are still progressing through their hearing care pathway and test them with our EarGenie fNIRS tests of speech sound detection and discrimination.

We are recruiting paediatric Audiologists to review infant test results, including our fNIRS report and complete an online questionnaire.

The Audiologists will answer clinical questions and rate their confidence in the decisions they have made.

What will you have to do?

  • You will need to review a set of infant test results and complete an online questionnaire where you answer clinical questions and rate your confidence in the decisions you have made.  
  • Each questionnaire will take less than 10 minutes to complete. The questionnaires will be given to you at various times throughout the study, i.e., as the infants are tested. 
  • You will be asked to complete up to about 2-3 questionnaires per month, and you can complete them at a time that suits you within the required time frame. 

Important points

  • You may not receive test results for every infant in the study.  
  • We will randomly select a number of audiologists from the pool of independent audiologist participants. You may be one of them, provided that you are not currently involved in the infant’s clinical care.  
  • If you are selected, you will be randomized to receive either the standard test results alone or the standard plus fNIRS test results.  
  • You may spend around 10-15 minutes filling in the questionnaire for each infant’s data we send you. To thank you for your time, we will offer you a $50 gift card at the completion of every 10 infants you evaluate.

Read more here.


Watch our 2 minute video on our EarGenie research

Further Information

You can read more about our infant hearing research here.

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