Do you or someone you know experience chronic tinnitus?

The Bionics Institute is seeking people over 18 with chronic tinnitus to take part in a research study to develop an objective measure of tinnitus.

To be eligible, participants should have tinnitus, no known neurological conditions and do not use hearing aids.

What is involved in the trial?
If you participate in the trial you will be asked to visit the Bionics Institute for:

  • a single 1-2hr visit to our audiology facility in East Melbourne
  • a hearing test
  • wearing a near-infrared light imaging cap to measure your brain activity.

Participants will be reimbursed $20 for their time and travel.

To register your interest in the trial, please email: [email protected] 

What is the aim of the tinnitus research?
In this study we are developing a new way to measure tinnitus using a new brain imaging technique that uses near-infrared light. The aim of the research is to establish an objective measure of tinnitus that doesn't rely on subjective self-reported symptoms.

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Further Information

Click here to read more on our tinnitus research. 

To see if you are appropriate for the study, please email: [email protected]