After graduating from Monash University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science under her belt, Namita ran off to join the circus. The Australian National University’s Graduate Diploma in Science Communication (aka the Science Circus) is all about making science accessible to everyone. Namita had the rare opportunity to tour Australia engaging local communities with science using bubbles, slime and fun explosions.

After working as a science communicator, Namita was hunting for new ways to merge her training in biomedical science and communications. What combines science and communications she thought – Language? Learning? Listening? And before she knew it, Namita had her Masters in Clinical Audiology from the University of Melbourne. She soon entered the world of paediatric audiology working at The Royal Childrens’ Hospital.

After years of working as a clinician, she’s joined the research realm and is excited to contribute to paediatric audiology from a fresh angle.

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Research projects

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