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Dr Saleela Ruwanpura, Grants Manager

Dr. Saleela Ruwanpura received her PhD in Reproductive Biology and Medicine from Monash University in 2008.

After completing her doctorate, she conducted postdoctoral research at the Hudson Institute in Melbourne and later at the Department of Lung and Sleep at Monash Health. From 2008 to 2021, she served as a dedicated senior research fellow, overseeing and conducting research programs on lung diseases, infections, and cancer.

Dr. Ruwanpura has received several prestigious fellowships, including the NHMRC Early Career Fellowship, and has been awarded numerous national and international grants and awards for her research accomplishments. Additionally, Dr Ruwanpura has extensive experience in grants management within the university and medical research institute sectors.

In her role at the Bionics Institute, Dr. Ruwanpura uses her extensive grant management experience to provide valuable support. Her primary responsibility is overseeing the management of research grants for the Institute.

This encompasses overseeing all pre-and post-award administration aspects for various government, philanthropic, and international grant schemes. Her role includes identifying potential funding opportunities for the Institute and providing guidance on developing strategies and approaches to maximise success in securing grant funding.

Working closely with researchers and their teams, Dr. Ruwanpura assists in identifying opportunities that align with their specific research programs. She provides valuable advice and support throughout developing and submitting high-quality grant applications. Dr Ruwanpura collaborates with the philanthropic team to devise strategies to expand the Institute’s philanthropic funding achievements.

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