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Mr Owen Burns, Engineering Team Co-Leader

Mr Owen Burns is a Senior Research Engineer and Co-Head of the Bionics Institute’s Engineering Team.

Owen has a background in mechanical and systems engineering focusing on implantable neuro-modulation devices.

His work centres on developing innovative devices to interface with the body’s neural networks to address unmet patient needs.

Over the past 10 years at the Institute, Owen has been interfacing with the body’s electrical signals through the implantation of electrodes utilising his expertise in bio-safe materials and bio-mechanical engineering.

In collaboration with researchers and clinicians, Owen has designed electrodes to treat a variety of diseases including epilepsy, macular degeneration and colitis.

In addition, Owen is an experienced surgical integrator.

Working collaboratively with leading surgeons, to develop systems and the tooling needed to safely and efficiently implant these novel devices in patients for clinical trials and in treatment.

As Co-Head of Engineering, Owen is supporting the broadening of the Institute’s engineering capability and capacity to scale the Institutes program of work.

E: [email protected]


Google Scholar: Owen Burns

Research projects



Peripheral Nerve Applications

Neuro-modulation systems

Top publications

1. “Lai, A; McLean, K; Seiderer, L; Leavens, J; Ringo, S; Heasman, J; Burns, O; Rathbone, G; Williams, C; Bulluss, K; Seneviratne, W; D’Souza, W; Murphy, M; “, An implantable sub-scalp electroencephalography device for the recording of epileptic seizures-a case study,EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY,28,,694-694,2021,”WILEY 111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN 07030-5774, NJ USA”

2. “Cameron, T; Cook, M; D’Souza, W; Seiderer, L; Lai, A; Heasman, J; Leavens, J; Lampinen, A; Saldanha, A; Manouchehri, S; Timbol, G; Leer, T; Ringo, S; Burns, O; Benovitski, Y; Millard, R; McGowan, C; Harrison, M; Rathbone, G; Williams, C; Murphy, M; “,Novel Device for ultra-long-term electroencephalographic monitoring,EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY,28,,888-888,2021,”WILEY 111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN 07030-5774, NJ USA”

3. “Hernandez, Damian; Millard, Rodney; Kong, Anne M; Burns, Owen; Sivakumaran, Priyadharshini; Shepherd, Robert K; Dusting, Gregory J; Lim, Shiang Y; “, A Tissue Engineering Chamber for Continuous Pulsatile Electrical Stimulation of Vascularized Cardiac Tissues In Vivo, Bioelectricity,2,4,391-398,2020,”Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers 140 Huguenot Street, 3rd Floor New …”

4. “Shivdasani, Mohit N; Evans, Mihailo; Burns, Owen; Yeoh, Jonathan; Allen, Penelope J; Nayagam, David AX; Villalobos, Joel; Abbott, Carla J; Luu, Chi D; Opie, Nicholas L; “, In vivo feasibility of epiretinal stimulation using ultrananocrystalline diamond electrodes,Journal of Neural Engineering,17,4,045014,2020,IOP Publishing

5. “Abbott, Carla; Nayagam, David; Burns, Owen; Feng, Helen; McGowan, Ceara; Guymer, Robyn; Williams, Chris; Allen, Penelope; Luu, Chi; “, Preservation of photoreceptor function in a retinal degeneration model following chronic electrical stimulation with an implantable electrode,CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL OPHTHALMOLOGY,47,,151-152,2019,”WILEY 111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN 07030-5774, NJ USA”

6. “Abbott, Carla J; Nayagam, David AX; Burns, Owen; Feng, Helen; McGowan, Ceara; Guymer, Robyn H; Williams, Chris E; Allen, Penelope J; Luu, Chi D; “, Effect of chronic electrical stimulation with a fully implantable electrode on photoreceptor survival in a retinal degeneration model,Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science,60,9,4992-4992,2019,The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

7. “Payne, Sophie C; Furness, John B; Burns, Owen; Sedo, Alicia; Hyakumura, Tomoko; Shepherd, Robert K; Fallon, James B; “, Anti-inflammatory effects of abdominal vagus nerve stimulation on experimental intestinal inflammation,Frontiers in neuroscience,13,,418,2019,Frontiers

8. “Payne, Sophie C; Burns, Owen; Stebbing, Martin; Thomas, Ross; Silva, Angel de; Sedo, Alicia; Weissenborn, Frank; Hyakumura, Tomoko; Huynh, Mario; May, Clive N; “, “Vagus nerve stimulation to treat inflammatory bowel disease: a chronic, preclinical safety study in sheep”,Bioelectronics in Medicine,1,4,235-250,2018,”Future Medicine Ltd London, UK”

9. “Nayagam, David AX; Williams, Richard A; La-Rosa, Cesar Salinas; McGowan, Ceara; Abbott, Carla J; Epp, Stephanie; Shivdasani, Mohit Naresh; Luu, Chi D; Villalobos, Joel; Thien, Patrick; Burns, Owen; Brandli, Alice; Williams, Chris; Allen, Penelope, J; Shepherd, Robert; “, Histopathological Criteria for Evaluation of Chronically Stimulated Retina,Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science,59,9,4562-4562,2018,The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

10. “Shepherd, Robert K; Villalobos, Joel; Burns, Owen; Nayagam, David AX; “, The development of neural stimulators: a review of preclinical safety and efficacy studies,Journal of neural engineering,15,4,041004,2018,IOP Publishing


1. “Williams, Christopher Edward; Burns, Owen; “, Electrode device for monitoring and/or stimulating activity in a subject,,,,,2021,”US Patent 10,980,440”

“Williams, Christopher Edward; Villa, Joel Villalobos; Burns, Owen; “, Electrical apparatus and methods and apparatus for positioning and implanting components thereof,,,,,2021,”US Patent 10,933,232”

“Shepherd, Robert K; Furness, John; Fallon, James; Payne, Sophie; Burns, Owen; “, System and methods for identifying or assessing inflammatory bowel disease or gut inflammation,,,,,2019,”US Patent App. 16/335,907”

“Williams, Christopher Edward; Cook, Mark James; Burns, Owen; Maxim, Chua Vanessa; Lai, Alan; “, Electrode device for monitoring and/or stimulating activity in a subject,,,,,2020,”US Patent App. 16/797,315”

“Shepherd, Robert K; Fallon, James; Payne, Sophie; Burns, Owen; Furness, John Barton; “, Peripheral nerve electrode array,,,,,2020,”US Patent App. 16/844,286”

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