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Dr Anu Sabu, Research Fellow

Anu Sabu is a Research Fellow in the bionic auditory neuroscience group at the Bionics Institute.

She completed her PhD research in Biomedical Engineering (3D cell cultures for Neural Tissue Engineering) at the Swinburne University of Technology.

She undertook her PhD research at the Biomedical Manufacturing unit of CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency and her research interests include medical bionics, medical devices, neuroscience research and clinical translation.

Anu has a bachelor’s in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India) and master’s in Biomedical Engineering (The University of Melbourne).

She also completed a Graduate Certificate of Research and Innovation Management at Swinburne University of Technology.

At the Bionics Institute, Anu works with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers in the fields of neuroscience,biomedical engineering, and photonics.

She is involved in pre-clinical research utilising electrophysiological techniques to understand how information is encoded in the peripheral and central auditory system and develops techniques to improve the encoding of auditory information.

She works with the implantation of biomedical devices, electrophysiological recording, data analysis, and behavioural assays.

Previously, Anu has worked at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and CSIRO.

Email: [email protected]


Google Scholar: Dr Anu Sabu 

Recent publications

Mohit N Shivdasani, Mihailo Evans, Owen Burns, Jonathan Yeoh, Penelope J Allen, David A X Nayagam, Joel Villalobos, Carla J Abbott, Chi D Luu, Nicholas L Opie, Anu Sabu, Alexia L Saunders, Michelle McPhedran, Lisa Cardamone, Ceara McGowan, Vanessa Maxim, Richard A Williams, Kate E Fox, Rosemary Cicione, David J Garrett, Arman Ahnood, Kumaravelu Ganesan, Hamish Meffin, Anthony N Burkitt, Steven Prawer, Chris E Williams and Robert K Shepherd. In vivo feasibility of epiretinal stimulation using ultrananocrystalline diamond electrodes. Journal of Neural Engineering, Volume 17, Number 4, doi: 

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