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Achieving more together

Developing innovative solutions for some of the world’s most challenging conditions requires funding from several sources.

Philanthropic support from trusts and foundations provides a core of Bionics Institute funding, allowing us to undertake innovative and creative research programs that can lead to life-changing products.

One foundation with which we have enjoyed a long relationship is the Passe & Williams Foundation, set up in 1986 by the visionary Barbara Slatter, who saw how difficult it was for young scientists and doctors working in the Ear, Nose and Throat field to receive financial support for specialist training.

Coincidentally, the Bionics Institute, then known as the Bionic Ear Institute, was founded that same year.

Without our partnership with Passe & Williams, we wouldn’t have the vital funds needed for our scientists and engineers to progress their life-changing research. Professor James Fallon, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Research Operations, Bionics Institute

The Passe & Williams Foundation is a charitable foundation, improving people’s lives through advancing ear, nose and throat research, surgery and care.

The motto of the Foundation is “Semper ad Excellentiam Persequendam”, or “Always in Pursuit of Excellence” and we are delighted that the Bionics Institute has received funding from the Passe & Williams Foundation to allow our researchers also to pursue excellence.



The Passe & Williams Foundation funds only the best people and projects in the Australian and New Zealand Ear, Nose and Throat field. The Bionics Institute is a hive of excellence in medical research, with an impressive track record of generating life-changing outcomes. It is always a pleasure to support the Institute and its exceptional people.” Dr Jeanette Pritchard, CEO, Passe & Williams Foundation

The Institute is built on the forward thinking of researchers, scientists and engineers who drive our research and accomplish incredible things.

The current recipients of Passe & Williams funding are the latest in a long and distinguished line of Bionics Institute researchers who have benefited from this funding.

Professor Colette McKay:
Conjoint Grant, awarded 2020 (with Dr Markus Dahm)
Project: Detecting and ameliorating the impact of neural
dead regions in cochlear implant users

Associate Professor Andrew Wise:
Senior Fellowship, awarded 2021
Project: Delivering hearing therapeutics to the clinic.

Dr Darren Mao:
Junior Fellowship, awarded 2021
Project: Objective assessment of hearing ability in hearing-impaired infants.

We are most grateful that support from the Passe & Williams Foundation allows us to have an even greater impact on the lives of people living with hearing loss. We could not do what we do without their partnership and commitment to our work.



The Passe & Williams Fellowship has been a rare and wonderful opportunity for me. It has provided crucial funding for our research into improving language outcomes for infants born with a hearing loss, which will lead to significantly improved quality of life. The fellowship has also enabled me to further my development as an up-and-coming researcher and leader. Dr Darren Mao



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