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Neville and Diana Bertalli

The Bionics Institute has received generous research funding from Neville and Diana Bertalli over many years.

As a former member of the Board, I have seen at first-hand the real innovation that the Bionics Institute is driving with its medical research. The Institute has always stretched the boundaries of technology. Neville Bertali

Neville spent many years contributing his extensive business knowledge to support the Institute’s mission. We are delighted that Neville’s commitment to being a Board member has also led to the Bertalli family giving longterm philanthropic support.

Diana and Neville have helped make a big difference through the Bertalli Family Foundation by establishing and continuing support for the Bertalli Research Fellowship. This was initiated in 2018 to support the work of Professor James Fallon, a world-class researcher and the Bionics Institute’s Research Director.

‘Di and I have been delighted to support Professor James Fallon. His research in neuro-stimulation is leading the Bionics Institute into new areas, such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease.’

Professor Fallon said: ‘The support from the Bertallis has given me the freedom to spend more time with a younger group of researchers, helping and encouraging them. It has allowed us to take greater risks and move our technology into new disease areas. I am proud to be the holder of the Bertalli Research Fellowship.’

Neville said: ‘We are pleased that our philanthropic support is helping the Bionics Institute move more quickly into clinical trials in different areas. My involvement in business over many years has shown me the importance of innovation and getting new products to market that can transform people’s lives.’

Diana and Neville Bertalli’s inspiring commitment to helping others through supporting medical research has had a major impact on the Bionics Institute that will last for years to come. We thank them for their generosity.

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