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From intern to industry

How things work has always fascinated Asif Mohammed, but it wasn’t until he took a robotics course as part of his mechanical engineering degree that he realised his passion was in biomedical engineering.

He applied for an internship with the Bionics Institute as he was drawn to the variety of skills offered by the role and the practical application of the research.

“At the Bionics Institute, you get to work with servos, motors and you’re programming as well. I’ve learned so much and I’ve loved being involved in projects that you can realistically see being implemented.”

Asif’s initial 3-month internship with the Deep Brain Stimulation team was extended to 12 months, and he completed his Capstone unit before being asked to stay on as a member of the team.

Now in his final semester studying Mechatronics and Advanced Manufacturing, he has continued his work on the Institute’s Parkinson’s disease project under the guidance of Dr Melissa Louey, who is facilitating the Bionics Institute Rigidity Device (BiRD) clinical trial.

I do know that being able to help people is a career path I want to follow. Asif Mohammed

“Through the clinical trials, I’ve been able to interact with people who might potentially get to use this device in the future, which is really nice,” Asif said.

Looking to the future, Asif is keen to continue to use his biomedical engineering skills.

“Pursuing a PhD or Masters is still something I’m considering and I’ve had some really great advice from people at the Bionics Institute about my future.

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