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A/Prof Andrew Wise

A/Prof Wise is currently leading our Hearing Therapeutics program to develop new treatments to repair and protect sensory cells in the inner ear.

As a scientist, Andrew has a real curiosity about how and why biological processes behave as they do, and he enjoys undertaking research that one day might lead to transformational benefits for people with debilitating conditions such as hearing loss.

Before joining the Bionics Institute in 2001, Andrew completed his PhD at Monash University in sensorimotor control looking at how the body uses information signalled from our muscles and joints to control body movement and how electrical stimulation could be used to return lost function.

In 2003, Andrew moved to England for three years and furthered his research experience before returning to Melbourne, and the Bionics Institute, in 2006.

Andrew chose to work with the Bionics Institute because of his interest in the use of medical devices to stimulate the body in order to return lost function and how regenerative therapies might be used to repair the auditory system. He enjoys the research and focus of the Institute to develop technology that can be translated to the clinic.

A key aspect Andrew enjoys is the people that he works with and the camaraderie within the organisation, where like-minded people have a common drive to develop technologies to improve peoples’ lives.

There is great potential for the Bionics Institute to develop technologies to transform lives but the real challenge is for this potential to be realised. A/Prof Andrew Wise

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