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Ms Alicia Carabali

Alicia was the successful recipient of the Oticon Scholarship and in February 2018 commenced her PhD studies at the Bionics Institute.

Prior to this, Alicia completed her Bachelor in Electronics and Control Engineer in Ecuador and worked as a full-time lecturer at the University for three years. In 2014 Alicia completed her Masters in Biomedical Engineering at Flinders University. Over this time, Alicia completed research in the areas of medical devices, artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, and signal processing.

Alicia’s PhD project, due for completion in early 2021, is called Objective measurements of listening effort using fNIRS. This project aims to investigate how a technology based on light can be used to assess listening effort. The goal is to explore how this technology can contribute to an improved quality of life for people wearing hearing devices.

When asked why she chose to complete her PhD at the Bionics Institute, Alicia explained that it was because the Institute is a pioneer in the development of implantable medical devices and the high quality of its research.

Alicia respects and admires the team she is working with and feels honoured to be part of this team and to learn from such talented people.

Being part of the Bionics Institute has enabled me to learn first-hand how to conduct high quality research, and also, how to take it to the next level and translate that research into real solutions Alicia Carabali

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