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Ms Maheeka Samayadasa

Whilst completing her Master of Laboratory Medicine degree at RMIT, Maheeka Samayadasa selected one of the Bionics Institute’s many short placement opportunities to gain practical laboratory experience in a research setting.

‘I had an exciting opportunity to be involved with something new and was drawn to the Bionics Institute to learn about how their medical device innovation can support and improve people’s daily quality of life.’

Maheeka joined the histology team under the supervision of team lead Ella Trang, to support the Institute’s cochlea research. The project focuses on staining transparent cochlea structures, enabling the creation of three-dimensional images which can be used as a new and more accurate way to analyse how the cochlea responds to various forms of damage.

Since finishing her placement with the Institute Maheeka has successfully graduated her Master’s degree with distinction and is currently utilising her new skills working as a medical laboratory scientist in an esteemed Histopathology laboratory.

As I move on to the next chapter of my professional life, I thank the entire team at BI for helping me excel in my professional career and being a remarkable set of people with whom I’ve greatly enjoyed working with and who have helped me towards my goal of working in cancer diagnostics research’.

Bionics Institute gave me confidence to share my ideas and collaborate. Maheeka Samayadasa

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