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New MRFF grant awarded to our Infant hearing team

The Bionics Institute is grateful to receive a new MRFF Chronic Neurological Conditions grant in support of our EarGenie research.

Our EarGenie technology aims to revolutionise hearing assessments for babies.

The baby-friendly test uses near-infrared light to measure the brain’s response to sound and can be performed while the baby sleeps.

The test will enable audiologists to identify hearing issues and tailor hearing devices for each child accurately from the very start of life. This is especially important for babies with a condition called auditory neuropathy that makes it hard to understand speech.

This Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) grant funding from the Australian Government will help us to further our EarGenie work – ensuring all babies born with a hearing problem, including those with auditory neuropathy, will receive the earliest support possible to give them the best chance of hearing clearly and learn to talk.

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