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Taking tinnitus research to the next level

Unlike many other conditions, there’s currently no reliable test to diagnose tinnitus.

Without a diagnostic tool, researchers are unable to test the effectiveness of treatments to give relief to people living with constant ringing and buzzing in their ears.

This is despite the fact that severe cases can lead to sufferers stopping work and social activities, causing financial hardship and worsening mental health.

Bionics Institute researcher Dr Mehrnaz Shoushtarian and her team have been working on a test to diagnose tinnitus using a combination of light technology and artificial intelligence.

Pilot studies show that the test is over 80% effective in diagnosing the severity of tinnitus.

Now we need the help of our supporters to take this test to the next level – a comprehensive clinical trial needed to get approval for use of the test in clinics.

This will be the next step towards developing life-changing treatments for this auditory torment.

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