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Bionic Institute’s novel hearing diagnostic system, EarGenie, moves closer to commercialisation with a new government grant of over $1m

Bionic Institute’s novel hearing diagnostic system, EarGenie , moves closer to commercialisation with a new government grant of over $1m

The Bionics Institute’s development of a ground-breaking hearing test for babies, called EarGenie ®, is one of 16 projects to be funded by the latest National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Development Grant round in December 2022.

The awarded grant budget of $1,176,999.50 is the second highest amount given to any research project in the latest round of development grant funding, in what is a significant boost for the EarGenie project.

Led by Professor Colette McKay, EarGenie will enable audiologists to choose the best type of hearing device and tailor it accurately for each child at an earlier age than currently possible.

Professor McKay says that after an infant is diagnosed with a hearing loss, it is vital that a hearing aid or cochlear implant is provided as soon as possible, otherwise language development is significantly impacted.

McKay says: “We are using this grant to develop a new hearing assessment system that will lead to significantly earlier intervention for infants who are born with a hearing loss, so that their language development can reach its full potential.

“The funding is a great boost for the team and will enable the project to move significantly towards commercialisation and the implementation of EarGenie testing in clinics”. Professor Colette McKay

A total of $15 million is to be shared among 16 projects, with the aim of accelerating the commercialisation of Australian research into products that improve human health.

The Bionics Institute has an impressive track record of translating medical device research into commercial products, and CEO Robert Klupacs applauds the NHMRC support of EarGenie.

Klupacs says the NHMRC support will provide a tremendous opportunity for Colette and her team to help young families give their children the best possible start in life.

“Everyone at the Bionics Institute is thrilled for Professor McKay and her team, and we look forward to seeing EarGenie successfully translated into clinics for the benefit of these infants.”

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