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Bionics Institute Staff Awards 2023

We were delighted to welcome Professor Field Rickards,  Professor Dexter Irvine, Professor Peter Seligman and Associate Professor Graeme Rathbone to our final staff meeting of 2023.

All three researchers have made a substantial contribution to the Bionics Institute wider med tech sector during their careers and have held a number of prestigious roles, including academia.

In recognition of their long service, we were delighted to offer the inaugural Graeme Rathbone Award, Dexter Irvine Award and Graeme Rathbone Award, alongside our Field Rickards Annual Awards for Leadership and Impact.

This year our recipients were:


Field Rickards Award for Best Researcher

Professor Kate Hoy


Field Rickards Award for Best Team

Finance Team


Field Rickards Award for Best Student

Ajmal Azees


Dexter Irvine Award for Best Auditory Scientist/Engineer

Dr Gautam Balasubramanian


Peter Seligman Award for Best Engineer

Jerico Matarazzo


Graeme Rathbone Award for Best Early Career Researcher

Dr Oscar Murphy

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