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Dr Mehrnaz Shoushtarian discusses her tinnitus research on radio

Dr Mehrnaz Shoushtarian, Senior Research and Development Engineer, was invited to speak on Einstein A Go-Go radio show on 3RRR to discuss her work into developing an objective measure of tinnitus.

The show aims to explore the wonders of science and its impact on the world, dissecting science issues in a way that can be understood by the public.

The episode discussion revolved around Mehrnaz’s research into developing an objective measure of tinnitus and the complexities and challenges of the condition.

Segment host Dr Shane, who has tinnitus, was eager to chat with Mehrnaz about his personal experience of the impact tinnitus can have on daily life. 

The general understanding is that it usually starts with some sort of damage to the ear. But then it becomes more of a brain problem. It’s difficult to know exactly how it starts. Dr Mehrnaz Soushtarian

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