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Measuring tinnitus – detecting an invisible condition

Measuring tinnitus – detecting an invisible condition Event

Our 2022 ‘Measuring tinnitus – detecting an invisible condition’  event gave an insight into our ground-breaking research into a new device to assist in the detection of  tinnitus; information about the disease and the experiences of a patient with severe tinnitus.


Professor James Fallon: Chief Technology Officer and Head of Research Operations at the Bionics Institute

Dr Mehrnaz Shoushtarian: Research Fellow at the Bionics Institute

Dr Sol Marghzar: Doctor of audiology and clinical director of ‘The Hearing Doctor’ in California

Ms Victoria Didenko: Patient who shares her experience of being diagnosed and living with tinnitus.

Our new diagnostic tool for tinnitus

The Bionics Institute are developing an objective test of tinnitus, to aid diagnosis; facilitate more accurate symptom monitoring, and accelerate development of new treatments.

The test uses technology called functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) to track changes in brain activity and a special cap is used to shine near-infrared light over the head while listening to sounds

Measurements of the light reflected back into sensors in the cap indicate variations in blood oxygen which are analysed using software.

The results of research studies have shown measurable differences between people with and without tinnitus, and distinguishing between subjective severities.

Find out more about our device to establish an objective measure of tinnitus

Watch our ‘Measuring tinnitus- detecting an invisible condition’ event

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