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Tinnitus: detecting an invisible condition

Imagine ringing and hissing in your head 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…

You can’t sleep. You can’t eat. It stops you from working. You just can’t escape this auditory torment.

If you have a really severe case, you may end up with depression… like Deb has.

No matter what you do, you’re trapped and tormented by this noise.

The worst thing is that no scientifically valid test exists to diagnose or measure your tinnitus. This hinders research into effective treatments. Because how can you develop a treatment if you can’t measure whether it works.

But that can now change… with your generous gift. You can help us develop a breakthrough test and silence the torment of tinnitus!

Such a test would make a huge difference to someone like Deb. Her tinnitus got to the stage where life became unbearable.

“It’s like a gas leak in my head. I’ve got multiple layers of hissing… you feel trapped in your head, trapped and tormented.”

“It’s kicked up my anxiety and depression. Every day now is about coping, not living.”

Deb has tried everything to relieve tinnitus – white noise, masking, cognitive behavioural therapy, hearing aids and natural remedies. Nothing has worked.

Deb admits she’s thought about ending her life when tinnitus got really bad. That’s why she believes a proper diagnostic test and treatment is so important… and why your gift today is so vital.

With your support, you can help bring relief to tinnitus sufferers like Deb and your gift will be matched x 2! But you must donate before 30 June or by the time the matched funding runs out…whichever comes first!

The new tinnitus test uses special imaging technology in a brain cap to shine near infrared light onto the head.

This measures changes in blood oxygen levels in your brain when it responds to a sound. It scientifically shows the presence of noise. Our algorithm then analyses this data to identify whether a patient has tinnitus… and how severe it is.

It can diagnose tinnitus with 78% accuracy and distinguish between mild and severe tinnitus with 87% accuracy.

This has never been done before!

Our team has done a magnificent job bringing the test this far. Now your help is needed to conduct further trials and develop an everyday version of the test that doctors can easily use in the clinic.

Did you miss our recent event?

This exciting new test was the focus of the Bionics Institute’s recent event ‘Measuring tinnitus – detecting an invisible condition’.

In our recorded webinar, you’ll learn more about our tinnitus test from senior Bionics Institute researcher Dr Mehrnaz Shoushtarian, and hear from guest speakers Dr Sol Marghzar, doctor of audiology and clinical director of ‘The Hearing Doctor’ in California; Bionics Institute’s Professor James Fallon; and Victoria Didenko, who shares her experience of being diagnosed and living with tinnitus

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