Inspired by taking part in our recent Bionics takes on Bogong event and seeing first-hand the difference community funding can make, Bionics Institute’s Mica Haneman will be taking part in a triathlon later this year to raise money towards our cochlear implant research.

Mica, an audiology graduate and research assistant with the Bionics Institute’s hearing team explains:

‘I have the privilege of working with cochlear implant recipients to investigate ways of improving how cochlear implants are programmed. Some people with a cochlear implant still experience many challenges with how sounds and speech are heard. The work the Bionics Institute teams are doing to try and resolve this is so important. 

‘I’m always looking for a new challenge, so I’m really excited to be working towards a new goal, whilst also raising money towards such a worthwhile cause’.

We'd love to hear your fundraising ideas!

If you’re thinking about setting up a fundraiser for Bionics Institute research, or have any questions about how you can do this,

please contact Lucy Hooper at [email protected]