Owen joined the Bionics Institute in 2012 as a part of the Bionic Vision Australia’s initiative to develop a bionic eye. Contributing to both preclinical and clinical aspects of the program, Owen is responsible for developing robustness testing systems and novel surgical tooling for the prosthesis. Following the successful completion of Australia’s first-in-human trial of a retinal prosthesis, Owen continues to contribute to our Bionic Vision program which is currently developing a second generation prosthesis. In addition Owen is leading design and development of novel implantable electrode systems for monitoring neural activity in epileptic patients and neuromodulation of the vagus nerve.

Prior to joining the Bionics Institute, Owen spent several years developing microfluidic manifolds for liver specific tissue engineering applications, conducted research on impact test dummy standards and designed testing standards for Australian Harness Racing Sulkies.

E: [email protected]

Research projects


Crohn's disease

Implant to delay blindness

Recent publications

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