Dr Kiaran Lawson is a Software Development Engineer at the Bionics Institute. He comes from a multidisciplinary background with undergraduate degrees in physics and mechatronic engineering. He is passionate about developing software, especially in research environments, and as a part of the Deep Brain Stimulation team at the Bionics Institute, he focuses on leading development of the user interface and stimulation hardware interfacing in the ASTUTE software. Kiaran has also contributed to development of the ADEPT software, that helps improve lead positioning during DBS surgeries.

In 2020, Kiaran was awarded his PhD in bio-inspired robotics, where he investigated modelling fruit fly behaviours for autonomous flight applications. From tethered flight experiments conducted in virtual reality for flies, he successfully modelled collision avoidance, as well as landing techniques that flies use. These techniques can be applied to any flight system with just a vision sensor, with low computational overhead, furthering safe autonomous flight.

E: [email protected]

ORCID: 0000-0001-9187-2960

Google scholar: Kiaran Lawson


Research projects

Improved positioning for DBS (ADEPT device)

Adaptive Deep Brain Stimulation Device (ASTUTE system)