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Bionic Research Programs

The Bionics Institute is an independent medical research institute undertaking world-class medical bionic research programs, focused particularly on neural prostheses.

Thtechnology and expertise required in the creatioof a medical bionics device can be used across multiplapplications. We are establishing a framework where this knowledge is transferred from one project to another.

Bionic hearing

Research at the Bionics Institute is aimed at improving the performance of the cochlear implant and other hearing devices, and enabling their application to many more adults and children with hearing impairments.

Bionic vision

As part of the Bionic Vision Australia consortium (2010 – 2015), the Bionics Institute developed a bionic eye implant capable of restoring limited vision to people suffering from eye diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa.


In the Bionics Institute’s Neurobionics research program, implantable devices are being developed to detect, predict and suppress abnormal neural activity in the brain.

Contract Research

With over 30 years of expertise in the design and preclinical evaluation of bionic technologies, our team is experienced in efficiently managing and delivering cost-effective, high quality contractual arrangements for international and local commercial clients (including IP, deliverables, budget, quality and timing considerations).

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