A/Prof Wise graduated from Monash University (PhD) in 2002 where he studied neurophysiology of the sensorimotor system. He was a post-doctoral research Fellow at the Bionic Ear Institute (2001-2003). He moved to Bristol UK where he took up post-doctoral position (2003-2006) before returning to Melbourne in 2006 to continue research at the Bionics Institute.

A/Prof Wise’s research focuses on understanding hearing impairment and developing therapeutic technology to treat it. In particular, he has been investigating the protective and regenerative effects of neurotrophins; a class of growth factors that can protect the inner ear sensory cells from degeneration. His current research projects use nanoengineering techniques to produce drug delivery particles that can deliver growth factors to the inner ear to treat hearing impairment.

A/Prof Wise also has a research interest in cochlear implants and the development of new technologies to improve implant performance. The delivery of therapeutic drugs could one day be used to improve cochlear implant performance by protecting residual sensory cells. Furthermore, with the invention of optogenetic technology, it is now possible to modify auditory neurons so that they can be activated by light, in addition to electrical stimulation from a contemporary cochlear implant. This new way of activating the auditory neurons could lead to significant improvements in a future bionic ear device, for instance, by improving the understanding of speech in noisy environments.

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Research projects

Restoring hearing


Understanding the hearing brain

Safe and effective cochlear implants

Student projects

Testing nano-engineered drug delivery systems to treat hearing loss

Developing a drug therapy for hearing loss

Drug delivery to treat hearing loss

Understanding changes in auditory processing from noise-induced hearing loss

Optogenetics for precise neural stimulation

Recent publications

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